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MOR Fair Launch

MOR Token

MOR Tokenomics

42 Million total supply

The MOR supply is limited to a maximum of 42,000,000 tokens that will ever exist.

For a detailed breakdown of the MOR tokenomics, read the Morpheus Whitepaper Here →

MOR Utility

Stake MOR to access inference and bootstrap projects

The main utility of the MOR is staking for access to a pro-rata amount of the Morpheus network's compute resources.

From the Metropolis phase onwards, you will also be able to stake MOR towards frontends and smart agents you like, thereby directing community emissions to them and be rewarded in their native tokens.

Additionally, MOR will be the main asset for AI projects launched in the Morpheus ecosystem, like ETH for Ethereum.

Finally, all settlements between parties in the Morpheus Network are also in MOR.

MOR Distribution

MOR is distributed to four contributor groups

The distribution will start with four Morpheus contributor groups earning the tokens by providing forms of proof of work (labor) and proof of stake (capital) to the network:

→ 24% to coders

→ 24% to capital

→ 24% to compute

→ 24% to the community

→ 4% for protection funds

Tokenomics to groups

MOR Emission Schedule

Full emission of MOR supply at decreasing rate over ~16 years

The block reward will start at 14,400 MOR per day and then decline by 2.468994701 MOR each day until the reward reaches 0 on day 5,833.

By that time (about 16 years from now) provided Morpheus is in wide use, the fees will have taken over as the primary incentive. Fees paid to users for their data, fees to compute providers, fees to capital providers and fees to coders.

Emission Schedule

Security Audits

MOR has been audited by leading security firms

The MOR Token smart contracts have been audited by OpenZeppelin & Renascence, with an additional public bug bounty contest executed by Cyfrin via Codehawks.

You can find all the audits here →

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MOR Token Claim Day on May 8th

The Morpheus network is powered by the MOR token