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Decentralized AI

The first peer-to-peer network for general purpose AI, powered by MOR


Your skills are the foundation of the Morpheus ecosystem. Contribute to the codebase, develop specialized agents, and earn MOR rewards based on the usage and impact of your work.

I can contribute code


Your resources are essential to the network's growth. Provide stETH liquidity, earn yield, and receive MOR tokens for your crucial role in the ecosystem.

I can contribute capital


Your hardware powers the Morpheus network. Supply compute resources, process user queries, and be rewarded in MOR based on demand and performance.

I can contribute compute


Your passion and skills drive adoption of Morpheus. Build applications for end users, including smart agents, front-ends, dapps, tools, & receive MOR rewards.

I can contribute community

MOR Fair Launch

The MOR token launch leverages a new fair launch model, the MOR20 Platform. Learn more about MOR20.

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May 8th

MOR Token Claim Day

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